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Service Personnel

We Love Questions.
Let Us Answer Yours.

Over the years our customers have learned from experience that Ruxer’s Service team knows what they’re talking about. Period. And we love to hear from our customers, because it makes us feel good when they let us know they got the right answer the first time.

Please drop us a line about your experience with our service department. We’ll get right back to you.

keith knies Keith KniesService Manager/Customer Concern Resolution Manager
E-mail: keith@ruxer.comDirect Line:  812-482-0029
dan fromme Dan FrommeWarranty Administrator
E-mail: service@ruxer.comDirect Line:  812-482-0011
Phil Abbett Phil AbbettWarranty Administrator
E-mail: pabbett@ruxer.comDirect Line:  812-482-0010
Randy Smith Randy Smith Service Consultant
E-mail: rsmith@ruxer.comDirect Line:  812-482-0008